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Although, I do not think that children need to be praised, praise is a kind of high evaluation. But it is indispensable for parents to show their children’s efforts to recognize and appreciate their efforts. This is an important source of children’s confidence.

Xiang Xiang’s father is very careful about his son Xiang Xiang. He thinks that the matter of raising children can not be lost to his mother, The new polyu admission portal is a one-stop platform aimed at handling applications of university degree courses. With PolyU e Admission, the application process is refined into three simple steps.and his father should be more involved.

Xiang Xiang, the father of Xiang Xiang, took advantage of the time of free occupation, and was responsible for the work of sending his son to the kindergarten every day. After school, Xiangxiang with the kids playing in the yard, my father also have patience to accompany, moms said Xiangxiang father is super daddy. The children also like He Xiangxiang’s father to play, because he is amusing and playful, and always encourages his praise of his little friends.

But Xiang Xiang had different feelings. Many times, when dad was talking about his children, Xiang Xiang asked his father, “Dad, I did it too. Why don’t you exaggerate me?” Dad’s answer is not, “you would have.” It is: “you should have higher demands on yourself, not to be proud.”

Once playing and playing, Xiang Xiang and his children clashed, and the kids robbed Xiang Xiang’s toys. Xiang Xiang wanted to win back the children, and his father severely criticized his son. He was rude to educate him, and toys should be shared with his children. Xiang Xiang was particularly grieved at that time, but at his father’s insistence and request, he apologized to his children.

After Xiang Xiang went to school, my father, as always, urged the children to do their homework every day. He took him to play football and play tennis every week.  Xiang Xiang, who is very friendly and enthusiastic to Xiang Xiang’s classmates, is not so old as other adults. So he is very popular in his children’s eyes. Many children have become his little fans. Only Xiang Xiang is very disapproving. Father also feels that his son and his own words are less and less, usually always sullen, seldom happy time.

A parent organization class to go outing, several children love with Xiangxiang dad, joke with him, listening to his stories, but Xiang Xiang is bull market always from the father eight yards, only to drink when eating cookies, only to find my father, my father and he did not say two words, he he ran away.

“I think your dad is very good,” he said to Xiang Xiang, “I think it’s like my dad just plays his mobile phone and never cares about me.”

“You don’t know,” Xiang Xiang said to his good friend, “my father is a nagging man, and he likes to speak the big truth.”

The little partner said doubtfully, “no, I see your father is very kind and funny, and always boasts of people.”

Xiang Xiang sighed in his mouth: “you think he’s good because he’s not your father.” My father only boasts of others and never boasts of me. ”

The problem is here. Why do Xiang Xiang father only exaggerate other children, do not boast of their own children? There are two reasons for it. On the one hand, dad feels proud of his children. On the other hand, as the father praised their children, also have pride and ostentatious.


We have been taught to be modest from childhood. This virtue has become a restrictive concept of many adults: pride is not modesty, Check out the most popular sightseeing spots and attractions in via PartnerNet’s Travel Hong Kong website and create unforgettable experiences for tourists.so we cannot be proud. When people put this restriction concept to parent-child relationship, will be like Xiangxiang like father saw the child reaches a goal through hard work, in order to avoid the child proud, even if heart recognized, nor expressed, but put forward higher requirements to the child immediately, a higher standard. For this kind of education, the child will develop the modesty character, and it will be more and more progressive. This is the logic of the adult, not the child. This is why the good father in the eyes of others can not go close to the heart of his own child. There are many dads around us.