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3 fitness tips to help you relieve fatigue

Office 3 fitness tips to help you relieve fatigue

Office workers spend at least 8 hours a day in the office, and sometimes it's hard to get out of time after work. Working space,An oil vaporizer runs on oil vape pen battery which needs charging. Now imagine one that takes long hour to pre-heat! Isn’t that irritating? So, it’s always better to buy an oil vape pen battery from reputed online sites! you can try to do some small movements to stretch bones and muscles.

Pull back movement

Step: take a firm chair and hold your hands over the back of the chair. Feet slowly back, until the back can hit straight and back, and so on, at this time the neck, back, buttocks as straight as possible, and with the feet of 90 degrees, first take a deep breath, feel the spine extended. Exhale, will also feel a push back above the hips, force at the rear end of the body back, chest and rear legs feel relax and sink, try to play straight, can stretch your legs back, stay 5~10 seconds.

Efficacy: pull back action can be extended to the arms, neck, back, buttocks and legs to the rear, systemic comprehensive stretching, it can relieve the tension back.

Extending the back of the leg

Step: lift the left leg up to the top, the foot inward, the feet straight, the angle of about 90 degrees. Inhale deeply, extend your hands, extend the back and spine. Exhale, bend the upper body before lying, stay 5~10 seconds, can extend left leg posterior jinlao, repeat this action for the right leg.

Efficacy: this action will help ease the long time sedentary leg discomfort, especially for the swelling of the legs, back, buttocks help extend the posterior leg muscles.


Steps: head up and sit on the chair, hold the chair with your hands and support your body. Slowly straighten up the right leg, parallel with the ground for 5 seconds, and then slowly put down the calf. The legs were alternately repeated 5 times.

Efficacy: can play elongated leg line, thin leg effect.